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            Pump spare parts

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            In order to reduce the procurement cost of pump spare parts, Sino-Ocean Marine have a large number of pump spare parts which are common parts or vulnerable parts of the existing mainstream models in our warehouse. We sincerely welcome new and old customers come to business negotiations, and look forward to your good suggestions. We will provide the better quality, the lower price, the more excellent services and more comprehensive support for the large customers.
            We can supply the suitable for following brands and models in advantageous:
            Overseas marine pump maker:
            ALFA LAVAL: CNL65-65/200, CNL80-80/200, CNL65-65/160, CNL80-80/160, PVVF-1532,etc.
            TAIKO: EMC, EMD, ESC, ESD, TMC, TMV, TMS, VS, VS-S, HHB, HHC, NHG, VG, HNP etc.
            NANIWA: FEV, FEWV, FBW, FBWV, FFV, FGV, FVC, BT, BH, BHD, BHR, ALG, HP, etc.
            SHINKO: SVA, SVB, SVS, RVP, RVX, VJ, HJ, SVQ, SHQ, etc.
            ISHII: CSB, CDB, 2CMA, 2CMH, PCS, PCSH, PBCSH, etc.
            HEISHIN: RV, RVD, RDY, VSK, VDK, VK, CY, HK, PVN, WY, etc.
            TEIKOKU: 2VCS, BF, CSM, MSS, TVC, VCB, VCD, TVD, etc.
            SHIN SHIN: VID, VIB, SVF, SVS, VF, MLO, EHS, EHC, SHC, TSH, MB, etc.
            IMO PUMP: ACE025\032\038, ACD025, ACP032/038, etc.
            HAMWORTHY PUMP: CGA, CGB, CGD, CGC, etc.
            IROM: CNL, QVK, QV, etc.
            DESMI: NSL, etc.
            ALLWEILER: MA, NB, WB, etc.
            Domestic pump spare parts: Zhenhua Pump, Tianjin Pump, Guangning Pump, Shunda Pump, etc.
            We can supply: Pump cover, Impeller, Pump shaft, Mechanical seal, Rotor, Stator, Sliding bearing, Gland, Gasket and Other vulnerable parts.
            We do believe that our prices and product quality will satisfy your needs!
            More information about our company you also can visit our website at: www.eclipsemkg.com

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