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            Piston rod stuffing box

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            Sino-Ocean Marine Complete set of stuffing box components are available from stock, including: seal ring, oil scraper ring, oil scraper blade, guide ring, tension spring, lock washer, etc.At the same time, we provide Switzerland original new non-metal stuffing box matching, effectively reduce the wear on the piston rod and improve the sealing performance of the stuffing box, so as to save system oil and spare parts maintenance costs for the ship-owner, prolong the service life of the equipment.

            Suitable for MAN B&W:
            S35/42/50/60/70/80ME-B, S35/42/50/60/70/80ME-C , G35/42/50/60/70/80ME-C, S(L)35/42/50/60/70/80MC-C and GF GBE series.

            Suitable for WARTSILA-SULZER:
            RTA48T-B,RT-FLEX50-D,RT-FLEX50-B,FLEX RTA58TB,5RT-FLEX58T-D,RTA48T-B,RTA68T-B etc.,? RTA 48/52/62/68/76/84 series, RLA(B)55/59 and RND RD series.

            Suitable for MITSUBISHI:
            UEC50LS(II), UEC52LS(II), UEC52LA, UEC52L, UEC60LS(II), UEC60LA, UEC60L, UEC60HA

            Piston rod stuffing box (1)

            Piston rod stuffing box (1)

            Piston rod stuffing box (1)

            Piston rod stuffing box (1)

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