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            Other purifler spare parts

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            SINO-OCEAN MARINE can supply purifier spare parts such as: sealing and packing, purified oil pipe, water pipe, vertical shaft, horizontal shaft, pump gear, worm wheel, gravity disc, distributing ring, friction block and all other parts.
            Advantage products are suitable for following model:
            Suitable for ALFA-LAVAL:
            P100, P150, P600, P605, P610, P615, P625, P635, S811, S815, S816, S820, S821, S825, S826, S830, S831, S835, S836, S840, S841, S845, S846, S850, S851, S855, S856, S860, S861, S865, S866, S870, S871, S875, S876, PA series,PU series,SA series,SU series,MAB series, MMB series,MFPX series,MAPX series,MOPX series,MMPX series,FOPX series;
            Suitable for MITSUBISHI:
            SJ10T, SJ10F, SJ10G/GH, SJ11T, SJ15T, SJ15F, SJ16T, SJ20T, SJ20G/GH, SJ25T, SJ30T, SJ30F, SJ30G, SJ40T, SJ50FH, SJ60EH, SJ700, SJ2000, SJ3000, SJ4000, SJ6000, SJ8000
            Suitable for WESTFALIA:
            OSA7-02-066, OSA20-016-066, OSA20-02-066, OSA35-02-066, OSB35-0136-066, OSB35-02-066, OSC4-02-066, OSD18-0136-067, OSD18-91-067, OSD2-02-137, OSD35-0136-067, OSD6-0196-067, OSD6-91-066, OSD6-91-067, OSE10-0136-067, OSE10-91-067, OSE20-0136-067, OSE40-0136-067, OSE5-0196-037, OTA2-00-066, OTA4-00-066, OTA7-00-066, OTB7-00-066, OTB35-02-066

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