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            In the diesel engine bearing, we can supply main bearing, connecting rod, crosshead bearing bush and auxiliary main bearing, connecting rod. The models suitable for MAN B&W, WARTSILA-SULZER,MITSUBISHI,DAIHATSU,YANMAR,PIELSTICK and domestic diesel engines. And our company has been maintaining close cooperative relations with major engine manufacturers and subsidiary factories worldwide. The company is renowned for reliable purchasing source, stable high quality and reasonable price. In addition, our company stocks a certain number of main engine bearing bush, to meet the customer's untimely needs.
            1. We can supply main engine BEARING, as following:
            Suitable for MAN B&W:
            S35/42/50/60/70/80ME-B, S35/42/50/60/70/80ME-C , G35/42/50/60/70/80ME-C, S(L)35/42/50/60/70/80MC-C and GF GBE series.

            Suitable for WARTSILA-SULZER:
            RTA48T-B,RT-FLEX50-D,RT-FLEX50-B,FLEX RTA58TB,5RT-FLEX58T-D,RTA48T-B,RTA68T-B etc.,? RTA 48/52/62/68/76/84 series, RLA(B)55/59 and RND RD series.

            Suitable for MITSUBISHI:
            UEC50LS(II), UEC52LS(II), UEC52LA, UEC52L, UEC60LS(II), UEC60LA, UEC60L, UEC60HA

            2. We can supply auxiliary engine BEARING, as following:
            Suitable for MAN B&W:
            L16/24, L21/31, L23/30, L23/30H, L27/38, L28/32H, L32/40, T23LH-4E and so on.

            Suitable for DAIHATSU:
            DK-20E, DK-20, DK-28, DC-17, DC-32, DE-18, DS-18A, DS-26, DL-20, DL-22, DL-26, DL-28, PS-26H, PS-26D and so on

            Suitable for YANMAR:
            EY18, EY22, EY26, N18, N21, N26, N28 (N28A), N330, N165L, M200 serie, M220 serie, T220, T240, T260, UAL-ST, Z280A, S165, S185 serie, GL-T serie, KDL, KFL serie and so on

            Suitable for WARTSILA-SULZER:
            S20, L20, 670W4L20, AL25/30, ATL25D(H) and so on.

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