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            One-stop services, worth of entrustment

            About Us

            Reliable one-stop service

            Since 1995, Qinhuangdao Sino-Ocean Marine Equipment & Machinery Co., Ltd has always been dedicated to providing professional one-stop services for the maritime industries. Till today SINO-OCEAN MARINE has grown into a comprehensive enterprise which gathered equipment & spare parts supplying, manufacturing, ship repairing, technical supporting, shipbuilding equipment supplying together.

            The largest marine equipment/ spare parts storage center in Asia

            ? Covers an area of 83 acres
            ? 8000 square meters of office
            ? 24,000 square meters of spare parts warehouse
            ? 8,000 tons the total inventory
            ? The business scope of the company includes: ship main/auxiliary engine spare parts, diesel generator sets, turbochargers, oil separators, air compressors, plate heat exchanger, water pumps, air conditioners, provision refrigerators, boilers, deck machinery and navigation equipment.
            ? Close cooperative relations with major engine manufacturers and subsidiary factories worldwide.
            ? Reliable purchasing source, stable high quality and reasonable price

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            Service expert, professional quality

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            Strong technical force and rich experience

            ? Ship repair business and voyage repair services in northern ports of China
            ? Maintenance , fault analysis and repair services
            ? Reliable ability of technical support and after-sales service

            Recondition and exchange service

            ? CCS standard in terms of the welding techniques, materials, and technicians' qualifications
            ? Recondition the parts including cylinder cover, piston crown, connecting rod, exhaust valve spindle, exhaust valve seat, etc.
            ? A large number of reconditioned spare parts for exchange

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            People-oriented, scientific management


            ? 65 employees, 24 business elites, 8 senior ship engineers
            ? Efficient management model
            ? Harmonious corporate culture

            ? Responsibility sharing with credit
            ? Employees advancing with the company
            ? Provide more promotion opportunity and stage
            ? Various activities to enhance mutual communication

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            Based in China, serving the world

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            ? The first-tier supplier of large domestic shipping groups
            ? Successfully expanded a broad overseas market
            ? Established a long-term and stable cooperative relation
            ? Serve Europe, America and Southeast Asia customers
            ? Won a good reputation of customers