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            SINO-OCEAN MARINE can supply diesel engine instruments including temperature gauge, pressure gauge, tachometer, etc.; sensor including temperature sensor, pressure sensor, position transducer, etc.; valve remote control system including valve parts and repair kits.
            Diesel engine instruments: Temperature gauge, Pressure gauge, Tachometer, etc.
            We have a large stock of the latest technology products from Denmark TEMPRESS. At the same time, we can also supply the original & other manufacturer product.
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            Pressure gauge:


            Temperature sensor:

            Pressure sensor:? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??Position transducer:

            Valve remote control system:
            SINO-OCEAN MARINE has a large inventory of original genuine new sensors, such as:thermocouple、temperature sensor、position sensor、fuel level sensors、oil mist detector sensor、speed sensor 、pressure transmitter etc.

            SINO-OCEAN MARINE has a large inventory of original genuine Marine electrical spare parts,such as:solenoid valve、limit switch、electronic control valve、expansion valve、Digital display regulator、Incremental encoder 、speed switch unit、Electric junction thermometer、Level float switch、Engine side telegraph control box、Speed control junction box、tachometer Engine throttle controller、rotary switch etc.apparatus (2)

            After 25 years of development, it has now grown into a comprehensive enterprise which gathers spare parts’ supplying, processing and renovation, ship repair, technical support and shipbuilding equipment supply together. Sino-Ocean Marine covers an area of 83 acres, with 8000 square meters of office and 24,000 square meters of spare parts warehouse. The weight of the total inventory is about 8,000 tons. It is the largest and the most complete marine spare parts and equipment storage center in Asia!

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